by osi

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released July 8, 2017

thank u henry for mixing
thank u elise for lyrics on vitamins



all rights reserved


osi Maumee, Ohio

my name osi
and im sorry

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Track Name: GIVE UP
give up

give up
so they can't give up on you
i'll give up if you want me to

chin up
chin up
i know that's what they always say
but it doesn't change the fact that i'm having a really bad day

there's a lot of things that i can't do
i could work it out
ill blame it on you

i could spent my time thinking bout the past
i could try to change it
or i could just get mad

gimme time gimme time
i'm just tryna get by
you can take what's mine
i never thought you were kind

i wish i could appreciate
all the colors and shapes
that greet me when i wake
but it's just so mundane
there's so much i can take
the effort of being awake
can i get a break?

give up
give up
unless you don't think you have to
so by all means go on through

give up
give up
i mean do what you want to do
i've already gave my advice to you
Track Name: IMPULSE
bought a junk car bought a junk car wanted to get away
took it for a spin and it broke down the very next day
shady salesman said "the deal of the century"
i should know by now when people are tryna take advantage of me

blinded by my impulses
the thought process is repulsive
i'm wasting all my money
nose is always runny
suck it up and jump the gun
don't think of repercussions
i'm taking everybody down with me

packed my shit up didn't know where tf to go
parents offering to let me move back home
they gotta big house but i always gotta watch my tone
i'm just tired of sticking with what i've always known

blinded by my impulses
the thought process is compulsive
life's a fucking joke
everything is funny
shoot me with a water gun
forget there are precautions
i'm taking everybody down with me
Track Name: LAQUER
lacquer my soul
i want it to shine
give it a coat it'll glow like a dime
but cut it on open it's blacker than shoeshine

i like it this way
deceitful that's how i was made
tell me something i don't know
go ahead and make my day

it's a hard wood floor
that i'm sitting on
counting all my flaws
the list keeps going on

i start wheezin and sneezing
from the dust and debris and
is this meant to be
and is it meant to be?
i close my eyes and see
what i wanted to be
but it's too hard for me
it's far beyond my reach

i missed your call
i just didn't pick it up
winter spring fall
things haven't changed that much

i keep fallin asleep
it's just to easy
i'm feeling weary
from all the misery
conceited mistreatments
don't think i can beat this
how can i beat this?

recharge my brain
don't tell me i'm insane
i just need some time to collect all my thoughts
dont you tell me what's there if i tell you it's not

i like it that way
i'm a rascal that's how i was made
tell me something i don't know
go ahead and make my day
Track Name: VITAMINS
I got vitamins stuck in my teeth
sometimes i like to talk and not speak
sitting at the bottom of an evergreen tree
eating all the snow laying next to me

who are you to me
who am I to tell you
I'm running out of time to figure it out
I wanna find a place for you and me to be

what are we gonna do?
things won't stay the same and never change
im running out of things to say
is anyone really supposed to have it all
figured out ?

I dont know why the world keeps spinning
I dont really like to go swimming
What is underneath my feet
A million bed bugs hiding in my sheets

somethings going on
who are you to tell me that I'm wrong
I need to find more time to figure it out
is anybody listening to me ?

what are we to do?
things won't stay the same and never ever change
help me think of things to say
help me figure it out
Track Name: WRECK
you wrecked this
a mess we're in

no time
to reminisce
it can't be fixed

you said you'd call me in the morning
i waited up all night

you said this life is pretty boring
i always thought u were right

running around tryna find my way back down
from this high
a lonely ride

breathing soft tryna make the time that i've lost
a whole new place
same old mistakes

rubbing my eyes tryna blur the vision of my mind
it's not easy
what i see

running away wishing it could be yesterday
so much has changed
in the worst way

she needs a leader
can't think a single thought on her own
someone to teach her
that she can't do it all alone

i do everything out of obligation
i just wanna feel
like i'm gonna feel
my own volition

i wrecked this
i got myself in

looking up
from the abyss
i don't persist